Aditya Narayan Abused To Airline Staff Member Saying, "I will let your underwear removed"

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RAIPUR: Aditya Narayan, who appears on TV shows and is the son of Bollywood singer Udit Narayan, has been caught on camera shouting at the staff of Indigo Airlines at Raipur in Chhattisgarh. At one point he threatens to strip the official, who speaks to Mr Narayan, 30, in a measured tone right through the footage shared widely on social media today.

"Let me reach Mumbai. If I don't strip you, then my name is not Aditya Narayan," he shouted in the footage, apparently shot by a co-passenger. IndiGo said it allowed him to travel after he apologized to its ground staff.

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The incident happened this morning, the IndiGo statement said when a woman staff member told Aditya Narayan's group that they would have to pay Rs. 13,000 more for the 40 kg of excess baggage that they had while traveling from Raipur to Mumbai, where he lives.

Mr. Narayan, who is also a singer, was traveling with five other people, refused to pay more than Rs. 10,000, IndiGo said, and alleged that he used "unparliamentary language with the female staff member."


When the Duty Manager intervened and politely asked the singer to be civil and not to abusive language with women and other passengers present, he shouted even louder, the airline said. "He was informed that if he continues to misbehave he will not be allowed to travel," the statement said.


IndiGo emphasized that it would not compromise on "the dignity of our staff members or passengers."

Noted singer Anup Jalota appeared surprised at Aditya's behavior and asked the 30-year-old to apologize immediately. He has made a mistake and should not have said what he did, Mr. Jalota said.

On social media, people weren't as forgiving of his behavior, spoke about their disappointment and asked why the junior Narayan had not been put on the no-fly list.


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