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Jammu, Nov. 19 -- Srinagar, Nov 19 (KNS): Asserting that the uncovered meat sold in the markets is dangerous for human health, the medical experts Saturday warned that the hepatitis is spreading among people due to the consumption of uncovered, unhygienic meat.

It is alleged that the unauthorized butchers are selling unhealthy and unhygienic meat in almost all parts of the state and the practice is going on unchecked as the officials concerned are reluctant to take any action against them for the reasons best known to them.

The experts say that the butcher's shops in most of towns are located usually at the main roads and the meat remain hanging outside the shops throughout the day and get contaminated with numerous germs and become a health hazard for the citizens. "I can say that the uncovered meat available in the markets is infected with a number of deadly bacteria and is not fit for human consumption, causing dangerous diseases like typhoid, pneumonia, urinary tract infection, hemorrhagic colitis and other diseases," Senior epidemiologist Dr Nisar ul Hassan told KNS.

He said that there is an increase in the number of patients suffering from stomach ailments. "Remarkably it is not only the rural folks but there is a steady rise in numbers of patients coming from urban areas and well-educated background," he said.

The Doctor said that consumption of open eatables including the meat is not only dangerous but poisonous too. Hundreds of cars and others vehicles release harmful gases which settle down uncovered eatables. Then there is a problem of flies," he said.

Sources said that the municipal corporation who is charged with the responsibility to ensure supply of hygiene sale of meat through the licensed butchers has also utterly failed to place a check on this.

"There is every likely hood that epidemic may break out by consuming the unhygienic meat as the innocent people do not know as to whether the Meat is genuine or not," one of the former officials of the municipality said.

Meanwhile sources alleged that most of the butchers injected water into the veins of the slaughtered animals to increase their weight. "The butchers are selling unhygienic meat in almost all the congested particularly low income groups' areas of the towns. This practice goes unabated and still remains unchecked due to which the people have been suffering from several fatal diseases especially the stomach, belly, blood pressure and hepatitis," the sources said. (KNS)
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