Winter wonder foods: Add these 7 ingredients to your diet to stay naturally warm

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Winter is coming, and we're not quoting Game of Thrones here, but the cold gusts of wind and a drop in temperature that feels pretty good till your throat goes sore and you start sneezing. But that need not always be the case. Every food ingredient has a natural property and there are some specific foods that help keep your body warm so as to combat the cold weather so that you don't easily fall ill. Click through for seven such foods that you should include in your diet this winter season. (Source: Thinkstock Images)


Ginger reduces high cholesterol level and is a great option to keep the body fit during winters. With its antibacterial properties, it helps to treat cough and cold. It can be chewed raw or can be added to soup or any other dishes to enhance the flavour. (Source: Thinkstock Images)


 It is instrumental in combating cold, flu or cough during winters. It might be sweet, but rest assured that it doesn't add unnecessary calories. Honey is also helps to keep the body warm.


 A variety of nuts such as peanuts, walnuts and almonds are some of the best sources of good cholesterol, vitamins, fibre and Omega-3 fatty acids. During winters, they make for essential snacking as they are naturally hot food items.


Cinnamon is a wonderful spice to shield you from the dipping temperatures. Add it to any cooked dish or to soup and salad to add flavour or use it while making warm beverages such as tea.


Its antibacterial properties keep one away from the common winter diseases such as cold, cough and throat irritations. It keeps the cholesterol level in check. One can easily have three to four garlic cloves daily or add it to cooked dishes to add to the flavour of the dish.


Many of us opt for oats as a breakfast to keep one's weight in check, but during the winters, these grains do much more - they even keep your body warm. So do other wholegrains such as brown rice, barley and quinoa too. These grains give you extra energy during the winters to keep you going and there is nothing like a bowl of oatmeal every day to keep you fit.


This yellow wonder spice has so many medicinal properties that you could fill up pages. One of those is keeping you warm during the winters, since it tends to generate heat once consumed. And, of course, most of us already know the age-old natural remedy of a tall glass of warm turmeric milk to drive the flu away.

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