Rajniesh Duggall braves eight injections for a scene in Wajah Tum Ho

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Rajniesh Duggall's penchant for authenticity has caused him a lot of pain, literally. For a scene in Vishal Pandya's 'Wajah Tum Ho', the actor had to be administered an injection. While the director was okay with a dummy injection, Rajniesh insisted on the real one. Finally, a nurse was called on the set.

A source present on the set recalls, "The nurse was efficient, but she wasn't an actress. So, she became conscious in front of the camera and ended up injecting Rajniesh at the wrong spots. It took eight takes to get her act right."

The actor, though reeling in pain, cooperated without any complaints. In the film, Rajniesh plays the owner of a TV network that gets embroiled in a live murder. 'Wajah Tum Ho', produced by T-Series, releases on December 2.

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