My wife caught me cheating but I cant take the girl out of my head

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Question: I am married and in a relationship with another girl since last 2 years. This fondness for her developed during the period my wife was away from the city. While things were all hunky and dory till now, my wife suddenly got hold of my phone and ended up reading our chats. Though my girlfriend knows about my marital status since day one, she is not able to digest this new development as I have decided to keep away from her for sometime. I have also conveyed to her that marriage cannot be an option for us in the near future. Meanwhile, my wife is really keeping a tab on me and making my life hell. I am being pressurised from all corners possible. What's worse- both these women called up each other and spoke at length, making things extremely embarrassing for me.

I really love my girlfriend and it's hard for me to keep away from her. She keeps on calling me and begs me to take her back and talk to her, and I eventually give up and begins the vicious circle. The confusion has led me into depression and I am not able to get out of this situation. I know I am at a fault but how do I deal with this situation? - By Anonymous

Answer by Ashima Pruthi: First of all, I really pity your situation and wish you had not forced yourself into such a mess. You are a mature adult and should've known that continuing two relationships simultaneously will eventually lead to this chaos. This is not a Bollywood film, but your life and it'll better if you decide to stick to one woman and make up your mind quickly. Since it's been extremely unfair for both these women involved with you, it'll be only appropriate to end their misery alon with yours at the earlier by arriving at a decision.

In all probability, you have already decided in your subconscious mind about the woman you want to stick to and all you need to do now is tell her about the same and end your relationship with the other person gracefully. All the best!

- Ashima Pruthi is a Counsellor and Psychologist.

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