23-Year-Old Woman Meets Her Online Lover For The First Time; Slits Her Wrist In Disappointment

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Online dating is the new blind dating these days. Once you place your profile on these online dating platforms, there are plenty of people you will come across. While a lot of stress is being made by these platforms as well as our well wishes that these profiles may not claim to hold true and can be fake, young men and women end up trusting them easily. It is sometimes quite possible that people don’t give actual facts about themselves or some people may not post the real picture too. They may use a picture of someone with better looks or they may pose to be a better personality.

A woman who went meet her online dating partner was horrified to see him. She was heard saying you cheated me. Scroll on to see how she was cheated and what she did to herself :

She And Her Online Partner Decided To Meet

A 23 year old woman was dating a man a online dating platform. She and her partner decided to meet in a hotel in Heilongjiang province of Mudanjiang City in China. According to girl’s mother the two of them had never met before.

She Tried Killing Herself Several Times

According police the woman tried killing herself several times. The alarm was raised when they found a couple arguing in the balcony of a hotel room in the 7th floor. The woman who was really aghast with anger and disturbed ran to the balcony and stood with one of her leg over was heard saying that the man cheated her. After the police separated her from the man, she gobbled sleeping pills and slit her wrist with a broken glass piece. Police however handled the situation and stopped her from further damaging herself. She was then sent to a hospital in an ambulance.

Apparently She Did Not Expect Her Beauís Looks

The woman’s parent were not in favour of her to meet this man as he was 10 years older than her, however she was in love him and went to meet him. However upon on meeting she realised that he did look how she expected him to look like. The girl is out of danger now, however she is still in hospital for observation as she had swallowed a gloss piece. Many of the net buzzers were keen to know what the man looked like and some said that how ugly he could be for her to take such a step. Many were upset that woman should have thought about parents and felt that this is no reason to harm yourself.

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