Marrying at the WRONG age was the WRONG decision I made...

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Malayalam Actress Amala Paul has got an official divorce from AL Vijay. The couple is living separate and recently Amala Paul posted some glam pics of herself on social media. These images got negative criticism from all sides.

Now, in this case, Amala Paul has confessed that even though she is divorced and separated she is still in love with Director AL Vijay who is her ex-husband.

She said, "I feel as if getting into a new married life. I came to acting when I was 18. I got married at 23 and we were separated at 24.

There was no one to advise me. So the wrong decisions cost me a lot. I learn from my mistakes. I still love Vijay. I cried a lot after getting divorce. He is always special to me. Even getting separated is true Love."

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