Virat Kohli diet: Read how Indian Test skipper keeps himself supremely fit

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New Delhi: Cricket is considered religion in India and if there's anyone in cricket whom the year 2016 can befittingly be named after, it is undoubtedly Virat Kohli.

Be it in test cricket, ODI's, T20 or IPL, Kohli has been a front-runner throughout and has taken the game of cricket to extraordinary heights with his brilliant moves on the field.

The pride of Indian cricket has definitely given the game a 'Kohli makeover' and continues to slay his fans with his moves on as well as off the field.

His profession as an athlete requires him to maintain his fitness levels in order to perform well and he's in perfect form, thanks to his strict health regimen.

Also known as one of the fittest cricketers in the world, the Delhi boy loves to maintain his physique. Just like cricket, his health game is completely on point too!

Below, we give you some Virat Kohli-style fitness tips that the ace cricketer swears by.

1. Eat well: The right-hand batsman follows the age-old saying, “you are what you eat”. Therefore, his advice is to eat fresh home-cooked meals, instead of gorging on food at a restaurant. He doesn’t believe in eating less, but emphasizes instead on home-cooked food that is any day a healthier option.

2. Avoid junk food: The world is aware that eating junk food means inviting a lot of health issues, but most people tend to give in to temptation. Virat Kohli, however, detests junk food. He maintains a healthy diet since junk food tends to make one sluggish. He has often been seen consuming organic wheat crackers over fried chips.

3. Diet: Virat’s diet mostly consists of proteins – Chicken, eggs, lamb and fish are some of his favourite things to eat. If he’s at a restaurant while on tour, he will mostly been seen gorging on lamb chops and fish, which are a rich source of proteins.

4. Drinking water: Drinking water is essential for good health. It is even more essential that we drink pure water, devoid of any contamination and Virat Kohli makes it a point to always keep bottles of mineral water handy.

5. Gym: Being an athlete, working out and exercising is important to keep yur body weight in check to avoid lethargy and sluggishness. Sweating it out in the gym is a routine that Virat Kohli has subjected himself to for five days a week. He makes it a point to be strict about it and goes to the gym religiously. His passion for cricket shows and so does his passion for fitness.

Every single one of his fitness mantras screams increased focus, extra stamina, and improved immunity. All these tips will definitely keep you up and running if you want to lead the kind of life Virat Kohli does, while also keeping your energy to an optimum level.

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