Rahul Twitter hack- The modus operandi was called Spear Phishing

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New Delhi, Dec 2: The hackers may have used multiple IP addresses to avoid tracking, the police who are investigating a case in which Rahul Gandhi's Twitter account was hacked say. The IP addresses used were found to be in Norway and Sweden, but they logged in from Bengaluru, investigations have revealed.

On Wednesday the Twitter account of the Congress vice president was hacked and a series of abusive tweets were posted.

The account was retrieved a few hours later. The cyber cell of the Delhi police which is probing this case say that it is a case of spear phishing. Here the email account which is used to create the Twitter handle itself is hacked using a phishing software. Further the probe has revealed that the hackers had used multiple IP addresses. The hackers did so to make tracking difficult.

The hack was claimed by Legion. The police have now sought the assistance of Twitter to access information that the hackers had used. A case under the Information Technology Act has been registered by the Delhi following a complaint lodged by the Congress.

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