The message in the cracker

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Boom! The cracker blew up with a sound the children seem happy and was justified; it was none like any other day. It was Diwali. An important day, religiously, emotionally and with family, although a bit ironical.

That cracking sound was loud enough to burst down the memory lane, before a well spent period of 4-5 years, well spent period of 4-5years, when all I could call myself was a boy who had a lot of aims and ambitions, but none in specific.

There was a time when, Diwali meant world to me, people like me to be precise, who lost their childhood trying to become adults. That wait for my father to bring me crackers, sweets, that moment when mother would end he religious chants and we, siblings would race to profit as much as we could on those offering sweets. Thee wait for new dressed, concerns me no more. We grew up, together, still apart. Definitions changed for each of us.

It is very inconvenient that I should bring about emotional sentiments on Diwali but, to be honest, which day else would be more perfect that it.
According to Darwin’s theory of “Evolution” change is in evitable; but, the fact that pinches most is that Diwali brings tears to our eyes. Tears of joy and of sorrow. Those lucky fellows who make it to their family are happy and otherwise.

Yesterday, I had a call from my mother asking the same question, she has been asking for over year now. “are you visiting us this Diwali, Beta?” I was speech less, and in tears, like this past few years, all I could manage to reply was “May be next time”. Diwali is a phenomenon, it brings people together, it also reminds us of who we are, of our duties towards our family.

There goes another cracker, bringing me back to reality; I had guests over my house, ‘a house’ as  quoted not home . invitations for Diwali celebrations. I opened my laptop, and saw pictures, videos, etc. of earlier days. I decided, I won let this Diwali go in vain, neither should you all. This Diwali make it special give a flat 50% discount on your happiness, let everyone enjoy a good festive deal, reach out to your family and friends. Let them know you and with them, though not physically but emotionally.
This Diwali I wish all of you a very happy and adventures life full of thrill and joy.

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