Hollywood Outsources Our Talent Which We Donot Respect: Manoj Bajpayee

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National Award-winning actor Manoj Bajpayee believes that Hollywood is outsourcing a lot of talent from India to make films. However, Indians are not giving respect to them.

"If we look at the trend in Hollywood these days, they are focusing a lot on larger-than-life films and animation. Producers there believe in making more children films as they feel that with a child, his parents will also go to see a film," Manoj told IANS.

"In India, we don't have that much patience when it comes to animation. Producers want to make money in hurry. But to make a good animation film, you need three to four years. That much patience is not there in Indian producers.''

"Our animation studios are mainly working for Hollywood. Hollywood outsources our talent, but we are not using it and respecting it," he added.

"In our industry, they (producers) don't take you because of your talent, they take you because of the business that your last film has done," Manoj said.

"Somehow, the distribution network of India is not working properly... And this situation has been there for a long time. Also, there are less cinemas in India. The existing cinemas are all captured by mainstream films as producers only want money," he added.

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