A Silly Man Jumped From Balcony To Test His Newly Bought Parachute

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Heights of Stupidity!

This is the terrifying moment a man jumps of his balcony wearing a parachute he reportedly bought online as a crying female relative begs him not to.

Footage shows a man in a pink T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops standing on a ledge on an upper floor of a high-rise apartment block in Brazil preparing to perform his daredevil stunt.

The thrill-seeker, who is believed to have bought his parachute off the Internet, then counts down from three before leaping from the balcony - despite cries of anguish from a woman standing behind him in the flat.

Incredibly, he is able to sweep around to the left and appears to make a safe landing far below as men on the balcony shout down to him. 

The camera then shows a woman carrying a young child crying as she walks back inside.

The identity of the parachute jumper and the exact location of the apartment block is not known. There are suggestions on social media that the man appeared to be an expert.

One man claiming to be a parachutist in the Brazilian air force commented on the video: 'By analysing the video, I can affirm that he knew exactly what he was going to do.

Another said: 'The closed curve that he makes at the end of the video so he does not fall in the neighbouring parking lot makes it clear that the guy is skilled.'

While some saluted his bravery, others hit out at the stunt, claiming it was 'irresponsible' and 'stupid'.


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