Indian girls on Beard, So Amazing answers, Must watch!!

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If you are curious to know what Delhi girls like the most - A man with Beard or Without/Clean Shave, The Answer is here.

In This Video, you will watch answers of girls when they were asked what they like most about a Man with Beard or Without... Girls were asked whom would you like to go to a date with - A man with Beard or Without.. You will be surprised to know it.

Cool answers by Indian Girls. Anil Kapoor or Ranbir Kapoor!! Do watch, like, share.

Watch it now.

A Man with Beard

What girls said about A Man with Beared !!

  • Most Attractive
  • Sexier
  • Healthiest
  • Best Parenting Skills
  • Mature

A Man without Beard / Clean Shave

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