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The story of how a boy turns Rs 5 to Rs 138

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The story of "how a boy turns Rs.5 to Rs.138"

The story begins with a young boy studying in a lamp writing "Recycling of waste materials into useful things"

His drunkard father enters with 2 beer bottles, which he finishes in the night before sleeping.

Next morning this boy gets up and collects these 2 empty bottles and leaves.

He sells these 2 empty bottles to a "kabadi wala" and earns Rs.5.

With that Rs.5 he hires a bicycle.

Then he starts vending milk packets.

Earns more than what he invested in hiring a bisycle and also a free milk packet.

Trying to expand his little profit, he goes to a nearby tea vendor and with those milk packets and Rs.10 he gets tea made there.

He sells the tea and makes Rs.58 altogether

with Rs.55 (after bargaining from MRP Rs.80)takes

After school with that Rs.80 buys newspapers

After school with that Rs.80 buys newspapers.

He sells all the newspapers.

He returns home and starts putting the money in a box(a type of piggy bank)when his father arrives(who is drunk)...The boy thinks that he would snatch the money which he saved....but unlike as expected he doesn't takes a single penny from the boy but says him to save it.

The boy collects the money and now has a total of Rs.138.

and hence ending with the final message that "Never wait for an opportunity,but create an opportunity like Ambani the investor".

Ambani, The Investor, a brilliant short-movie depicts a great persistence, desire, and the ‘eye’ to create an opportunity at any times.

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