Priyanka Chopra Said That America Is Her Second Home: Indians Are Angry With Her

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Bollywood actresses are trolled every now and then on social media platforms and Priyanka Chopra is no exception. In fact, she’s the one who is trolled maximum number of times. Sometimes, it’s due to her short dress, while at times, it’s due to her nose job or lip job.

This time, Priyanka has landed into a controversy for her tweet about America. We all know that Priyanka has become very popular in the West, with Quantico and Baywatch. However, there is a section of social media users, who doesn’t like her praising Hollywood or United States. Because of this reason, she got trolled once again.

What happened is that Priyanka took to Twitter to wish “Happy Independence Day” to America on the 4th of July. US celebrated 241st Independence day and since, it’s a second home to Priyanka, she couldn’t resist but post a wish.

Here’s what she tweeted;

The tweet read, “Happy Independence Day second home.. #4thOfJuly2017 #RedWhiteBlue”

Since she used the word “Second home”, she got massively trolled by Twitter users.

Why don’t you make it your first home?

Isn’t it wrong to troll Priyanka? Did she do anything wrong by wishing America on their Independence day? Obviously, she will call it a “Second home” because she is there half the time for shoots. But why are Indians getting offended? Did she disrespect India?

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