All Videos Of Dhinchak Pooja Has Been Deleted From YouTube! Read Full Coverage!

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All videos from Dhinchak Pooja’s YouTube account has been deleted. Yes. ALL OF THEM.

There’s a part of me that’s happy (and crying tears of joy) while a part that’s sad too (because I will never be able to prove to my future kids that there once lived a legend named Dhinchak Pooja).

If you search for Dhinchak Pooja on YouTube, her official profile will still show up

It still shows 12 videos and 178,996 subscribers.

But if you click on her profile, you’ll realize that none of her videos are online anymore. They have all been taken down.

Upon further ‘investigation’ (I feel like Sherlock already), if you happen to go to her earlier video links directly, you’ll get this notice

Someone named ‘Kathappa Singh’ claimed copyright and reported the videos to YouTube.

The obvious question that arises: who’s this good Samaritan Kathappa Singh who has taken one for the team (the whole country).

Now that’s a mystery only time will unravel.

YouTube privacy policy states that you can request removal of a video if someone uploads a video of you without your consent. So whoever ‘Kathappa Singh’ is, he/she must be in Dhinchak Pooja’s videos. Probably in the background or elsewhere.


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