Read The Complete Story of This Jaipur Boy Who Wiped The Metro Floor With His Handkerchief!

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Swachh Bharat Abhiyan has definitely made a lot of citizens aware of the fact that cleanliness and hygiene are two very important factors responsible for a nation’s healthy and smooth development. But, what some people fail to realise is that Swachh Bharat is not just a movement which requires you to sweep streets during a rally. It’s a personal responsibility every citizen has to take. A responsibility to keep their country clean. A responsibility to clear their own mess.

Recently, one such exemplary incident in Jaipur garnered a lot of attention on social media.

Sunil Choudhary, a passenger in Jaipur Metro, was traveling when a young boy next to him accidentally spilled his tiffin on the metro floor while he was trying to take out the water bottle from his bag. The boy’s name was Pranjal Dubey.

Choudhary was amazed by this action. He felt immensely proud to see a youth take responsibility to keep a public property clean.

After feeling extremely overwhelmed, Sunil Choudhary said, “It was time for me to get down, but I thanked him for all his efforts and thought that the nation doesn’t need to spend crores on seminars for Swachh Bharat, but youngsters, who pledge to keep their country green and clean, just like Dubey.”

We not only congratulate Pranjal for being a responsible citizen but also Sunil, to have noticed this noble action and share it with a lot of people to learn and get inspired from. With people like them, our country definitely has a very bright future ahead.


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