Research Shows That The Depressed People Are The Funniest Ones In Order To Hide Their Problems

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Bhopal: In a quite (and quiet) revelation, the science lobby people from central India have theorised that the clinically depressed person can be extremely funny. The lobby says, “The victims of depression can be one of most funny comedians. Our research shows that it is possible to develop genuine funniness while suffering from this stigmatised mental disorder.”

The central Indian science lobby (or scientists) furthered, “The victim of this mental health disorder can develop special kind of overreaching empathy. The victim may learn to hide his/her illness and while tackling this health issue, the patient overgrows his sense of humour as a side effect. He can become more creative and see same things with new eyes. Patient may start quietly noticing our social and collective weirdness more efficiently and if pushed to right extent, the patient may start cracking smart jokes.”

The lobby also explained in the press release, “The sufferers of psychological common cold, (as depression is sometimes referred to as), can even make simple standard Elephant-ant jokes funnier and smarter while not hurting sentiments of either elephants or ants. They can even include other animals like monkeys, zebras, wild cats, some less violent lions and tigers along with ants and elephants. Smartness and awareness can be exponentially high in such inclusive jokes.”

One of scientists opined, “Along with stigma, depression can definitely give us smart elephant-ant jokes or funny cat memes or stand up comedians.”


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