Here's What This Cab Driver Did Will Surely Make You Proud!

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These days, we keep hearing emotional stories of cab drivers; they work really hard to meet their basic needs and support their families. Sometimes, we also come across honest and responsible cab drivers, who put in 100 percent in their work, and at such times, we can’t stop ourselves from appreciating them.

One such story from Pakistan is going viral on the internet and is winning hearts of everyone. Well, the cab driver named Asif proved that honesty and kindness still exists on this planet.

Haroon Shahid from Lahore booked Asif’s cab through a cab app; on his way, Shahid learnt that Asif’s son was suffering from leukemia, which is why he was working hard to collect money for his treatment.

The ride ended, but unfortunately, Shahid forgot his wallet in the cab itself; also, his phone battery was dead by then, due to which, getting in touch with Asif was not possible. Asif tried calling him but in vain; after that, he dropped him a message on WhatsApp along with the location of his house. Shahid contacted him and went to collect his wallet.

Shahid was overwhelmed with Asif’s honesty; he promised that he will do as much as he can for his son’s treatment. He shared this heartwarming incident on FB;

The driver’s honesty is surely worth an applaud, don’t you think so? Such people are found very rarely.


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