OOPS! Akshay Kumar Thrashed On Twitter For Holding Flag Upside Down!

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Currently, Akshay Kumar is busy with the shooting of his movie “Gold” in England. Yesterday, he visited Lord’s International Stadium for cheering for Women’s team. The actor wanted to cheer for team India in their important final match against England; Akshay Kumar even ran for the train barefoot, because he was damn excited for the match.

However, he landed himself in troubles by posting his pic on Twitter. In the pic, Akshay Kumar is seen holding the tricolor upside down and due to this reason, he received a lot of backlash. People slammed him for disrespecting our National flag.

Even KRK questioned the citizenship of the actor. This might not be an intentional act, but social media users don’t spare such things.

We have often seen Akshay Kumar do a lot for Indian Jawans, so is it correct to question his respect for India?

See how brutally people have trolled him;

This is what Akshay learnt?

The tweet read, “Extending my sincerest apology for violating the code of conduct for the tricolor.Didn’t mean to offend anyone,the picture has been removed”

We are proud of Akshay that he realized his mistake and immediately sought apology. As we said earlier, Akshay must have not done this intentionally. He’s a human and mistakes do happen; should we slam him this way for patriotism?


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