Here's What Obama Did When Woman Invited Her On Wedding

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NEW DELHI: Despite no longer being in the White House, former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama continue to keep in touch with ordinary Americans.

Not long ago, a woman named Liz Whitlow sent a wedding invitation to the Obamas and actually heard back from them. Whitlow's daughter posted the Obamas' letter on Twitter recently, in a post that's been widely read and shared since.

The reply, though, took a while to get to Whitlow - she sent it in March and heard back in July - but she was delighted to receive it all the same.

The Obamas are still busy people, so they politely declined the invitation, but that did not stop them from writing a personalised reply to congratulate Liz and her soon to be husband Eddie Edgar.

Here's the letter shared on Twitter by Liz's daughter, who goes by @brooke on Twitter.

The post sparked a flurry of replies from other Americans who had sent Obama letters during his Presidency, and heard back from him. Most of these letters were replies congratulating students on their college graduation or well wishes for a newly born child. These personal replies to what might seem like unimportant events from the perspective of a United States President have touched many hearts.

Twitter user Aubs said, "I love the Obama family", on receiving her letter after her graduation.

"I felt like I had to hurry up and get one before Obama left office", Twitter user Rae posted with a picture of the letter Obama sent her when her daughter was born.

"They sent me a card for the birth of my daughter", Twitter user Cookie posted.

Earlier this year in January, CBS New York interviewed Fiona Reeves, one of the women on the team that used to go through each of the 40,000 letters that Obama received every day at the White House. She said that while Obama did not read all 40,000, her team did and selected 10 for the President to read every day during his nightly briefing. "The ask was for 10 that were representative, and he was really clear about the point that it should not be 10 fan letters," Reeves said.


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