This Ad Shows To Celebrate Raksha Bandhan Without Brothers

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This Girl Celebrates Raksha Bandhan In The Most Unique Style! No Worries If You Don’t Have A Brother!

There are some who get upset because they don’t have brothers. Well, let us tell you that you actually have brothers, but you fail to realize it. Gits is here to help you celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with a twist.

Daily, we call so many people “Bhaiyya”, be it our sabzi wala, be it ricksha-wallah, be it laundry-wallah; aren’t they too our brothers, because they actually serve us? On the other hand, we say that a brother’s duty is to protect his sister; so, don’t our watchmen, our lift men or our office peons do that in their own sweet ways? Think again and you might get to know what we mean. Here’s an ad by Gits Gulabjamun which develops that perfect emotional connect:

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This was very emotional, wasn’t it? Don’t you feel like celebrating Raksha Bandhan in this different manner? Order Gits Gulabjamuns from here and celebrate in style.

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