Kiku Sharda Is Finally Celebrating After Gurmeet Ram Rahim Is Sent To The Jail For 20 Years

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It was a black day in the history of comedy when famous comedy actor Kiku Sharda was jailed for doing the mimicry of Gurmeet Ram Rahim. His followers were so furious over nothing that they made Kiku Sharda jailed for 14 days. He was also made to apologize for his performance.

The tables have turned now and Gurmeet himself has been sent to 20 years long imprisonment in the case of raping his 2 female followers. It was reported that when CBI judge announced the punishment, Gurmeet started crying and begged for mercy with folded hands.

The self-styled God Man who never missed a chance to flaunt his lavish lifestyle is spending a miserable time in jail now. While the karma is biting him hard, it’s a time of immense pleasure and joy for Kiku Sharda.

The comedy actor reached out to a Chinese restaurant with his wife recently and posted a sarcastic tweet-

Enjoying a peaceful Chinese meal with no monosodium glutamate @mrsfunnybones @priyankasharda3

You must have noticed that he tagged Twinkle Khanna along with his wife Priyanka Sharda in the tweet. This was because Twinkle had suggested him to do this in of her columns.

“Anyway, all this monkey business reminds me of a certain cheeky monkey and old colleague, Kiku Sharda who was jailed for mimicking the Love Charger. I think he should immediately go to the nearest Chinese restaurant to celebrate, order a beer and tell the waiter, ‘I don’t want any monosodium glutamate in my Schezwan chicken, you people should lock away your MSG too. Cheers!”

And as soon as, Twinkle Khanna noticed that Kiku has done it, she tweeted-


We loved the way, Kiku took a dig on Gurmeet this time even without mentioning his name. Cheers to him and here’s hoping a free style comedy from him in future.


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