34 Year Old Taxi Driver Raped Female Puppy & Dumped Her In Drain Where She Died!

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Who said that only humans are unsafe in this world? Even animals are equally unsafe and this incident that we are going to narrate today will send chills down your spine.

We have many a times heard of girls getting raped in Delhi, but do you know that even animals are raped there? Well, a 34 year old cab driver Naresh Kumar raped a female puppy so brutally that she literally started bleeding and died. There was excessive bleeding from the private parts of the puppy owing to rape and eventually, it led to death. The confirmation of rape was given by a post mortem report.

Naresh has 2 daughters and his wife says that he’s a pervert and tortures her too.

The incident in detail!

This incident took place on the 25th of August; Naresh is an appointed driver with a cab agency and that day, he had consumed a lot of alcohol. Looks as if he was not in his senses at all, due to which he mercilessly raped the puppy named Jenny. After raping Jenny, he took help of his elder brother Suresh and stuffed her into a jute bag; after that, he dumped the poor pup into a dry drain in an industrial area 2 kms away away from his home (Narain Nagar).

When the caretaker of the dog Abhishek Kumar found the puppy missing for 2 days, he informed the locals. After a lot of search, he confronted Naresh and asked him as to where Jenny was. He took Abhishek to that place but on his way, he confessed that he had raped the puppy and threw it in the drain.

After these confessions, Abhishek immediately called the police control room and got the post-mortem done at Sanjay Gandhi Hospital. Police officials were not ready to file an FIR and so, Abhishek had to meet seniors for that.

He said,

“A few hours after approaching the seniors, the FIR was registered on Tuesday night under Section 429 of the Indian Penal Code and Section 11 of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.”

Cruelty towards animals needs to be stopped right away. Even they have a right to live comfortably and peacefully just as we do. Let’s see what action is taken against Abhishek.


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