Two Indore Women Took Selfies And Then Committed Suicide

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Two women, who worked in a call centre locked themselves in their room, consumed poison in a cup and took selfies along with cup before dying, stunning the people of Guru Nagar area of Indore where they lived on Tuesday evening.

After their landlord alerted Vijaynagar police that they were not opening the door for the past two days, cops arrived and broke open the door to find them lying on the floor.

A suicide note and the cup from which they consumed the poison was recovered from the site.

ASP Manoj Rai said the two women have been identified as Rachna Choudhary of Dhar and Tanvi of Barwani, both in their early twenties.

They worked at Easy Calling Service, a call centre at Johari Palace, and lived in a rented room, where they had moved in two months ago.

Rachna was married, but was estranged from her husband, and had a son. She wrote that she hated her husband and asked her parents to look after her son, and also that her last rites should be done in Dhar.

Tanvi wrote that now she did not want to live any longer and the decision to kill herself was her own.

ASP Rai said they are trying to find out the exact reason behind their suicide as the note does not give a concrete reason.

Their families have been informed and the bodies have been sent for postmortem.


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