Read This Heart-Warming Letter of A 6 Year Old Girl To Sachin Tendulkar

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Sachin Tendulkar’s biopic “Sachin: A Billion Dreams” was a success at the box-office, especially after considering the fact that it was a documentary type movie and Sachin Tendulkar himself acted in the flick.

The film not only talked about the career of Little Master it also introduced us to the personal side of the cricketer when he was not on the field. Many videos which were not seen by his fans were shown in this movie and a lot was revealed about the God of cricket.

Age is a never a factor when it comes to becoming a fan of the Master Blaster and a 6 years old girl named Taara is one of those numerous young fans of Sachin Tendulkar who want to meet the great cricketer, in reality, some day.

Taara loved the movie “Sachin: A Billion Dreams” a lot and wrote a letter to the legendary cricketer, telling him how she loved and laughed watching the naughty young Sachin and cried when she watched his last match. She also expressed her desire to meet Sachin and his family.

Her letter read:

Dear Sachin Uncle,

My name is Taara (like Sara didi) but I am six years old. I recently saw your movie and I loved it. I laughed when I saw what a naughty child you were. I cried when I saw your last match.

Sachin uncle, I want to come and meet you, Sara didi, Arjun Bhaia and Anjali aunty. May I please?

Sachin also responded and thanked her for watching the movie and sending him such a beautiful letter.

Sachin shared her letter on Instagram with caption, “Hi, Taara! Thank you so much for writing to me.. I’m really glad that you enjoyed the movie. Keep smiling :)”

What a sweet letter! We wish that the little girl’s dream comes true!


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