These Two Journalists Created Idiotic Reporting of Ryan International Murder Case

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The murder at Ryan International School has spread shivers across the nation. Obviously, media houses are covering the case in their own way, but some have crossed their limits of insensitivity in this case. Constant coverage is being given, but some media houses don’t understand that the reporting should be ethical and not the way they want to.

The family is still in the state of shock over the loss of their 7-year-old child but amidst this, media is creating a mess, with idiotic reporting.

Insensitive reporting by India Today’s anchor Anjana Kashyap

Now, if we are talking about “Unethical journalism”, how can we forget the exclusive reporting by Anjana Om Kashyap. In this exclusive coverage, the anchor took viewers to the school corridors and also to the school’s washroom, wherein this incident took place. It was really heights when she even pointed to the blood stains and kept showing where the attack happened.

Watch the interview right away:


Republic TV’s journalist repeats insensitivity!

If this was not it, there was another journalist who showed a new low in journalism. She showed a very weird behavior while interviewing the child’s father, Vishal Thakur.

Since the time this incident has happened, he has been giving interviews to various news channels. Now, when he was speaking to Times Now, a journalist of Republic TV pulled the mic off his collar. This was done so that Mr. Thakur couldn’t give interview to the rival channel and that she could get the first live spot. When all this happened on live TV, she received all the criticism.

Check out the video that someone has tweeted:

This is really very sad. In order to get good TRPs, some journalists have forgotten their standards and they have proved that they can go to any levels of insensitivity. Both the videos showed a clear case of ‘Inhumanity’.

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