100-Year Women Died, Raped by 24-Year Old Boy in Uttar Pradesh

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Our world is definitely moving towards the doomsday and shocking as well as heinous crimes against women which are taking place on a regular basis prove it.

There is absolutely no denying the fact that the brutal crimes that we have stumbled upon so far trembled our souls; however, the recent cruel act which happened with a woman of 100 years marks the end of humanity.

100-yr sick woman raped by 24-yr man:

An appalling incident took place on Monday in which a 100-yr woman who was already sick lost her life when a youth of 24 raped her under the influence of alcohol.

As per cops, the dreadful crime reportedly happened in Meerut’s Jaani village, Uttar Pradesh, where the woman used to live with her brother.

The Rapist:

The name of the accused is Ankit Punia and he was allegedly drunk at the time of rape. After attacking the poor lady, he made an attempt of escaping; however, the victim’s brother as well as neighbors heard her screams and caught him. Subsequently, he was handed over to cops who said that the man would be charged with relevant IPC sections.

Talking about the rapist, he claims to be innocent and says that he didn’t commit a crime.

The accused should be given strict punishment which should become an example for any other person who ever thinks of molesting a woman. What do you have to say in this regard?

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