10-Year Boy Beaten Brutally At School For Not Submitting Aadhar Card

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A 10-year-old boy from Morya Shiksha Sansthan (MSS) High School in Chinchwad, was beaten up by the school teacher after he failed to provide his Aadhaar number. The incident came to light after a case was lodged on Saturday, weeks after the child was hit on the back of his knees. The student had to undergo a surgery due to an infection in his knee caused due to the beating.

The teacher, according to police, was identified only as Kharat, while the police are still looking for his whereabouts. The incident happened in the last week of September when 10-year-old Shreeshanth Mallikarjun Belle failed to bring his Aadhaar number to class, said the complaint.

“We don’t have the address of the teacher as the school is closed for the weekend. We will have more details tomorrow when the school reopens,” said UP Deshmukh, police sub-inspector.


‘Kharat sir’, who teaches Hindi and Arts at the school and is the child’s class teacher, hit the Class 5 student behind his left knee, which caused internal injury, according to the police. The internal injury was infected and the child had to undergo a surgery in order to treat it, according to the parent’s complaint.

The 10-year-old spent nine days, between October 6 and October 15, in Chaitanya hospital in order to undergo the surgery and required treatment, according to a police report.


After Shreeshanth recovered from the surgery, a complaint was filed by Shreeshanth’s mother, Sangeeta Belle (35), at Chinchwad police station. The police are yet to find out the reason behind the demand of the pupil’s Aadhaar number by the school teacher. She said that she had provided a copy of his details, including a copy of his Aadhaar, to the school and to Kharat after the school had asked the students to submit the same.

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