Mrs. India Earth’s Appeal for the Public to Awake to the Alarming Situation of Delhi

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Shweta Chaudhary, Mrs. India Earth 2017 openly throws limelight on the burning issue of SMOG choking the beautiful capital of India. The once called ‘Green Delhi, Clean Delhi’ has now got blanketed in thick layers of smog. She appeals the general public and the government to take necessary actions to fight with this pollution on immediate basis. She ponders deeply that why are we all just watching over the whole scenario to solve on its own? Is walking with our mouths covered in those hefty masks, preventing our children to step outside or just visiting doctors, the permanent solution? And the answer to this question is absolutely ‘No’.

Everyone knows that the whole situation has gone out of control but no one is uniting for our mother earth. Even the Government has not taken any proactive measure till now. Why is everyone sleeping over this hazardous situation?

According to Central Pollution Control Board, the Air Quality Index (AQI) of Delhi has hit the ‘severe’ level of 451 on a scale where the maximum reading is 500 and anything above 100 is considered unhealthy. In fact, in some regions of Delhi, the AQI has reached 999 beyond which no readings are available. Just imagine when the healthier people couldn’t get spare by the attack of this smog, what would be happening with the people with diseases?

Her bold look in the photograph depicts a common man. The black hand tells us the situation that we are facing at the moment and undoubtedly responsible for it. The hand covering the lips portrays an important message of staying quiet in an emergency situation and not coming forward united to save our Mother Earth despite of the fact that thousands of people are suffering. The black color depicts the air pollution around us and compels us to look over the chaos that we have created.

Though the situation has risen to an alarming level but we still have time. Time to come forward and save not only our mother earth but ourselves as well. So let’s come forward and unite with all our hearts to save everyone until it’s too late.

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