Deepika Padukone Needed Someone to Carry Her Bag To Sridevi's Funeral

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Sridevi passed away on 24th Feb and it proved to be a Black Day for not just Bollywood but whole country. The reason for sudden death was said to be cardiac arrest. However, the forensic reports later confirmed that she passed away due to accidental drowning.

After completing all the legal formalities in Dubai (the place of her death) and facing all the difficulties, Sridevi’s mortal remains were finally brought back to India on 27th Feb night. The condolence meet and funeral was attended by most of the Bollywood stars on 28th Feb.


Deepika Padukone was one of the Bollywood stars who attended the funeral of Sridevi. Apparently, the star was not in Mumbai and came all the way from Bangalore to be a part of the last journey of India’s first female superstar.

While many fans appreciated the gesture of Deepika, she received some flak too. The reason for this flak being that someone else was carrying her bag and she didn’t do it herself. Considering it was a funeral, the fans were hurt to see Deepika throwing starry tantrums even here.

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