Apple's New Marketing Strategy! Opens Says to Switch to iPhone

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The iPhone V/S Android race is on since a long time. There has been an ongoing debate about the efficiency of both the platforms; some feel that Android phones have all the features, while some say that iPhones are classy & nice.

Many people don’t prefer buying iPhones because their features are limited & the cost is high. On the other hand, Android phones are cost-effective and you can find a great variety in them. However, we got to see some awesome trolling from Apple.
Apple has released 4 short ads and in that, it urges Android users (Indirectly) to switch to iPhone. It highlights 4 reasons as to why they should switch. Here are those four;


In the first video, Apple says that they will offer better support than “Your phone” (Referring to Android phones).

In the second video, Apple says that iPhones are more eco-friendly. They have been stressing on this factor for a long time. On the other hand, Android phones might not be so! In the 2nd video, the man is trying to push the waste cup in the iPhone section, but it doesn’t get accepted as iPhone believes in zero waste.


In the 3rd video, Apple stresses on the fact that iPhones are easy to use!

In the 4th video, Apple highlights how safe iPhones are. Yes, we already know that iPhones have a lot of safety factors which Android phones miss out on.

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