A Unique School that Accepts Plastic Waste in Exchange for Fees

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This school in India accepts plastic waste instead of tuition fees

The problem of plastics has become a serious global issue. A school in Assam has taken a special initiative to handle this issue. The school gathers plastic waste from the students in return for fees. Amitabh Kant, CEO of National Institution for Transforming India (NITI) also applauded this initiative of the school. He has called this initiative brilliant, retweeting a media report.


When Parmita Sharma and Mazin Mukhtar, graduates in social work, set up the Akshar Foundation School 3 years ago in a small town called Pamohi in north eastern Assam, an idea strikes into their mind that they should charge plastic waste as school fees. Mukhtar gave up his career as an aero engineer to work for underprivileged families in the US before coming back to India. On coming to India, he met Sharma. As indicated by the report published on the website of the World Economic Forum, both of them together worked on the idea. He urged every student to bring at least 25 plastic things in a week. The foundation is a charity and runs through donations, but he says the plastic waste as school fee encourages a sense of community ownership.


The school presently has more than 100 students. This fee isn't just aiding in improving the local environment, however it has additionally begun to change the lives of neighborhood families by tackling the issue of child labour. Rather than leaving school to work at neighborhood mines for about Rs 200 every day, senior students now teach the school's young children and they get Rs. Their wages increase with their academic progress. In this way families can keep their children in school for quite a long time. From this, they not only learn wealth management, but they also get practical knowledge about the economic benefits of education.

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