Delhi Chokes from Severe Pollution Levels: How to Keep Yourself Safe

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Delhi Chokes from Severe Pollution Levels: How to Keep Yourself Safe

Smog taking your breath away? Delhi-NCR region was completely engulfed in hazardous pollution on this Monday morning and there is no relief for Delhiites from the unsafe air quality. Breathing polluted air is very hazardous for everyone and may cause various serious problems like respiratory illness and much more. Almost all the population is at risk due to the high-level of pollutants found these days. Everyone right from the people with chronic illness, children below 5 years, elderly, and people who spend most of the time outdoors due to their job, work, or profession such as auto-rickshaw drivers, traffic cops, roadside vendors, etc.

It has been recommended to the public to remain at your home maximum and try to avoid any physical activity related to the outdoors and especially those people who are suffering from lung problems, heart diseases along with the children, and older adults are advised to remain indoors maximum. 

Ways to Stay Safe from Air Pollution

In a statement Satyendar Jain, the health minister of Delhi said that smog had reached the harsh level and advised people to keep yourself safe by following the Do’s and Don’ts as mentioned below:


  • Try to remain indoors, and reschedule your outdoor activities.
  • Use public transport.
  • In case of irritation in the eyes, cough, chest pain, or breathlessness consult the nearest doctor.
  • People with heart disease, and lung illness should keep a good stock of their medication. 
  • While cooking and heating, use clean smokeless gas/fuels or electricity.


  • Avoid morning & late evening walk or any other physical outdoor exercise.
  • Avoid going to places with heavy traffic or other polluting areas such as construction sites.
  • Don’t smoke & consume tobacco products.
  • Don’t open windows & doors in the morning & late evening.

In order to reduce the effect of air pollution, Delhi’s government Odd-Even Scheme has been commenced on 4th November which will be implemented from 8am to 8pm and it will be continued till 14th of November. On Sunday November 10, this scheme will not be effective.

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