Banks will lower your EMIs after note ban assures Modi

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New Delhi:While launching affordable housing scheme for the poor in Agra, Prime Minister Narendra Modi outlined the benefits of note ban for the common man. The Prime Minister said it is the rich who will bear the brunt of note ban, while the common man will benefit.

Cities that had difficulty in collecting Rs. 5 crore in bills started getting Rs. 15 crore in payments. Who had not paid those bills? The middle class? No. But those who were rich and powerful. They had to fall in line.

Does any poor or middle class person has black money? But, When a middle class person wants to buy a house. The seller asks him to give Rs 3 lakh in cash. Then the poor person has to covert his white money into black.

You may be facing problems due to note ban, but some people have been punished much more severely. It is these who are now against me.

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